From September 5th to 6th, the International Bicycle Culture Festival held in the Beixiangtang Scenic Area of the Fengfeng Mining Area in Bengbu City, Hebei Province was the theme of “Vietnamese Sports, More Vivid”. It is the Qiansen Group that has been building international cycling for 6 years. On the basis of culture, a feast of urban sports culture created in collaboration with the People's Government of Fengfeng Mining Area. The International Cycling Culture Festival is hosted by the Hebei Provincial Sports Bureau and the Bengbu Municipal People's Government. It is hosted by the Hebei Bicycle Sports Management Center, the Bengbu Sports Bureau, and the Fengfeng Mining District People's Government. The Fengfeng Mining District Education and Sports Bureau and Beijing Qiansen Sports Culture Investment Development Co., Ltd. and Hebei Qiansen Tourism Development Co., Ltd. operate. For the first time, this cultural festival will be the top international bicycle brand event in Asia - Qiansen Cup Road Cross Country International Grand Prix and College Students International Music Festival, Road Cross Country Open, Bicycle Heroes, Children's Balance Car Competition, Sports Carnival, Bicycle Knowledge Competition, Small International sports competitions, cultural performances, physical education training and exchanges, mass experience sports activities, sports culture display and communication, etc., which are integrated into journalists' interactive groups, painting contests, photography contests, bicycles and mountain outdoor products, etc. The country's premier international bicycle culture feast also forms a brand new international sports culture business card for Fengfeng.

The event is wonderful, the hero is inspirational, the sport is unique because of the city, and the city is lively and vivid due to sports. The peak is located in the southern part of the North China Plain, with beautiful scenery and outstanding people. The landscapes and landscapes are beautiful, and there are more than 120 places of interest such as Xiangtang Grottoes, Water Bath Temple and Cizhou Kiln. Chongshan, Junling, Maolin, and Glen, such as the Pearl of Heaven, are dotted around the peaks and peaks. The Xiangtang Mountain is a beautiful show, the Heilongjiang River is spouting, the Xiangyang River is a snake, and the ecological valley is spreading.