Sports lighting solutions

Sports venues and other sports venue lighting are very different from ordinary competition lighting. General lighting needs to provide a good visual environment for sports venues, so that the venue can exert full social and economic benefits. The key to its lighting design is to provide horizontal and vertical illumination, reduce the glare index, and achieve a bright and glare-free lighting effect. The wide application of TV broadcast has put forward higher and higher requirements for lighting. In addition to the higher requirements of high-definition color TV broadcast, another important change is the increase of camera position and the multi-faceted illumination. Multi-angle vertical illumination standard.

In the major competitions, in addition to considering the normal competition of sports, there are many other important factors to consider, the clarity of the large screen display, the slow motion of the game details, the lighting of the live audience, and the lighting of the sponsor's display card. Many other variables have raised the need for higher illumination and uniformity for modern sports lighting. Qiansen uses 20 years of sports experience and technology to provide reasonable and professional lighting solutions for major events. It uses advanced, energy-saving and mature sports lighting special light source, more precise light control, more stable color temperature and work performance, and more energy saving. ,green. Qiansen and its partners have extensive experience in lighting large stadiums in the Olympics and major sporting events.

Qiansen cooperates with global sports lighting leading brands and has tens of thousands of experience to serve global customers. With world-class system design, the lighting system is tailor-made, and is in the industry leading position in energy saving, glare and light pollution control.

High-efficiency LED particles are individually equipped with reflectors and lenses to precisely control light to ensure optimum light efficiency;

10 years of constant illumination in the venue, the system has a 10-year warranty;

The combination of built-in and external glare controllers for superior glare control enhances sporty comfort and viewing experience;

The remote separation control technology of the luminaire and the drive increases the flexibility of the system and effectively reduces the load-bearing load of the horse track and the light pole;

Advanced remote dimming function, which can automatically adjust the luminous flux output according to the needs to meet the site lighting requirements;

The instant ON/OFF function satisfies the functional requirements of the hot start and combines sports and stage performance functions.